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Please mind that the event is dedicated to corporations only.


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Together with The Heart and La French Tech Cracovie, we are honored to invite you to join French Technology Day: HandiTech - an invitation-only, online event designed to promote French innovation in the service of people in difficult circumstances, disability or loss of autonomy.



10:00     Welcome by The Heart: Piotr Marchel, Head of Corporate Club, Ecosystem & Partnerships

10:05     Welcome by CCI France - Pologne: Monika Constant, General Manager, CCI France - Pologne

10:15     Welcome by La French Tech Cracovie: Romain Rebour, President, Co-founder & Member of the Board, French Tech Cracovie

10:20     Keynote Speech on HandiTech in France:Caroline Lemoine – General Delegate, La HandiTech Association



10:30     Scaleups presentations

1. Biomarel -

Biomarel develops support systems for communication and return to autonomy for people with disabilities. BMConnect is a medical device equipped with different sensors that allow the use of facial movements to use any computer system. You may see how it works here:


2. Elioz -

Elioz Connect is a telephone accessibility and physical reception service that allows the 7 million deaf and hard of hearing people to communicate with the customer service of companies (Ferrero, Carrefour, Veolia, Orange, Crédit Agricole, etc.) and public services. The deaf and hard hearing population represents 3,000,000 people in Poland.


3. Lexilife -

Did you know? 10% of the population is dyslexic.

The Lexilife adventure begins with the development of a revolutionary lamp, the Lexilight lamp, capable of making reading easier for millions of people with dyslexia. The Lexilight lamp has been tested on +500 people, and nearly 90% of them were able to read faster, longer, and without eye strain. Lexilife is now working on raise awareness and change mentalities around dyslexia in order to improve every dyslexic lives and help them to overcome their difficulties.


4. Vioo!

Vioo is an application and the underlying platform designed to enable people with disabilities to be fully autonomous when they move indoors. We aim at helping people know where they are, what is around them, and how to reach their destination seamlessly and effortlessly. Several technologies are used to optimize customers needs and resources: digital twin and visual localization, 2D tags, beacons. Initially designed for blind people, Vioo now opens to other types of disabilities to leverage autonomy everywhere, for everybody: at home, in the workplace, in public-access buildings.

Two products are available: Vioo maps (3D mapping and contextualization) and Vioo signage (2D tags).


5. Vocaleo -

Vocaleo, is an application designed to improve the independence of people with visual impairment. It allows visually impaired people to vocally map their environment. The application is therefore aimed at blind people as well as companies wishing to invest in a CSR approach.


6. Wyes -

Wyes develops inclusive communication devices for people with disabilities. The Wyes Origin® is a pair of connected glasses, universal and easy to use, which allows communication through the eyes. It detects voluntary blinks, which will act as commands on your digital devices (smartphone, tablet, computer). Wyes Origin® technology is based on a patent filed with the INPI.

The Wyes Origin®  has been continuously developed with people with disabilities, their families, clinical staff and associations from the medical ecosystem.



11:30     Closing remarks



The meeting will be held in English on Microsoft Teams. Please mind that the event is dedicated to corporations only.


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