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CCIFU Webinar: Ukraine Reconstruction - from discussion to action

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Participation in the webinar is free of charge. The event is intended for all CCIFP member companies.
The webinar will be held in English. To receive the connection link, please register before 9 October 18:00.

L'événement est terminé.

*prosimy pamiętać, że zapisanie wydarzenia w kalendarzu nie jest równoznaczne z rejestracją na wydarzenie. Zgłoszenie udziału należy przesłać za pomocą formularza rejestracyjnego.

You are cordially invited to the webinar on case study regarding business participation in Ukraine reconstruction projects.


We are pleased to invite you to a meeting with Ignace Haertlé, Managing Shareholder of the construction and engineering companies Watzenrode and Egis Ertle Engineering, as part of the France-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce's webinar series on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Reconstruction of Ukraine is being implemented by the private sector, which is participating in the implementation of projects in the public domain, both at national and local level, as well as in the operation of facilities and the expansion of activities in Ukraine.
This webinar aims to demonstrate how companies, particularly engineering and construction companies, are already involved in reconstruction projects in Ukraine, providing general design, civil works and construction services.
The discussion will first focus on the opportunities offered by public projects, both local and national, as well as the challenges they present and strategies for addressing them. In addition, we will explore the potential for partnerships with existing private sector operations in Ukraine and identify sectors with growth trends. All this will be illustrated by examples of projects and experiences on the ground.
The webinar will be held in English. To receive the connection link, please register before 9 October 18:00.

Before signing up for the event, please read the CCIFP Event Terms and Conditions.




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