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Webinar po angielsku: How to set up a skills-based learning organization?

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Cena : Wydarzenie bezpłatne dla firm stowarzyszonych w CCIFP.


L'événement est terminé.

How to set up a skills-based learning organization? What is a Learning Organisation? You will find answers to these questions during our meeting!

How to set up a skills-based learning organization?

During this webinar you will see, amongst others, how to digitally: 


1- integrate and engage all your learning communities (employees, managers, trainers, mentors, HR, customers, machines)

2- build a personalized and skills-based learning system supporting self-learning, training, mentoring and peer learning

3- assess and certify continuously and promote achievements

4- support the development of your People and facilitate mobility

5- identify gaps, plan resources and skills, refine up/re-skilling strategies, and measure learning ROI.



- Prerequisites to a Learning Organisation

- The 5 skills management processes of a Learning Organisation

- Digitalization of a skills-based Learning Organization: demonstration of SkillsBoard LMS & Skills Passport.



Laurent Ovaert - Entrepreneurial and business-driven executive, with more than 15 years of industry-leading expertise, CEO at SkillsBoard

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