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New mandatory e-invoicing regulations in Poland from 1 July 2024 - Polish VAT Fixed Establishment practice

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We invite you to our webinar "New mandatory e-invoicing regulations in Poland from 1 July 2024 – Polish VAT Fixed Establishment practice" set to take place on Wednesday, 26 July 2023, 11:30.

We will provide a brief overview of the Polish approach and tax administration practices concerning the recognition of VAT Fixed Establishment of foreign businesses in Poland. This topic is of particular importance due to the upcoming implementation of new mandatory e-invoicing regulations entering into force as of July 2024. Foreign businesses having Fixed Establishment for VAT purposes in Poland, will be obliged to use e-invoicing in Poland. We will discuss key aspects of the new rules and their impact on businesses operating in Poland.

This is the right time to verify whether mandatory e-invoicing will apply to your business and start preparations.

The webinar will be held in English.

We would be delighted to welcome you to the webinar and look forward to seeing you there.

Participation in the webinar is free of charge. The number of places is limited.

The condition for joining the webinar is to complete the registration form.

Participation in the webinar is a condition for receiving the webinar materials.

Prior to the webinar, you will receive by email the *link to join the event.

*Note: after verification of your registration, the link will be sent to you on the day before the webinar. If it is not in your inbox please:

  1. Check the SPAM folder in your email inbox
  2. Contact the contact person given at the bottom of the page

Technical conditions necessary to join the webinarium:

1. Connecting to the Internet in any technology - preferably via a fixed connection;

2. Internet access with good bandwidth - minimum 1Mbit/s. You can check this at www.speedtest.net;

3. One of two modern web browsers: Chrome or Firefox. The system is not available for other browsers;

4. Having a loudspeaker or headphones;

5. Specifying the individual nickname for the event so that if you want to ask questions in person, rather than via chat, it is possible to start using the microphone and camera.


Contact person: Dominika Bołba 

E-mail: dominika.bolba(@)crido.pl 

Phone number:+48 698 106 369


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