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French Meet Up Startups #2

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Free for CCIFP and The Heart member companies.
Please mind that the event is dedicated to corporations only.

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Meet the best selected French Clean Tech & Green Tech startups to work with in 2021.


Climate and environmental friendly solutions for business remain one of most important concerns at the moment. We took a close look at the French ecosystem to introduced you to 8 French Clean Tech and Green Tech startups that are using technologies and solutions helping businesses transition to a more sustainable production and development paths.

We invite interested corporate member companies of CCIFP and The Heart to join us on 27th of April to discover new innovative technologies and solutions and to participate in matching sessions with chosen partners.  


BeFC offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for practical energy generation whilst minimizing impact to the environment. We believe our approach will not only allow the replacement of batteries for existing applications, but also open up new opportunities for low-power ultra-thin health monitoring, logistics / transportation monitoring, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We have invented a paper-based, ultra-thin, flexible and miniature bioenzymatic fuel cell system. Our technology uses biological catalysts instead of chemical or expensive noble metal catalysts to convert natural substrates such as glucose and oxygen into electricity. Our products exploit enzymes, carbon electrodes and paper microfluidics, all of which provide a sustainable and environmentally-friendly method of generating energy. The devices can be operated with just a drop of solution, from tap water to biological fluids.


Bioxegy is France's leading expert in biomimicry. As a specialized study & design office, we develop bio-inspired technologies meeting the challenges of our industrial partners (Safran, EDF, PSA, Engie, Total, SNCF, Richemont, etc.). The innovation we come up with target a wide range of topics (materials, chemicals, system design, temperature control, algorithms) and draw from nature's ingenious techniques, mechanisms and functions.



We participate in the blue economy revolution to create a bio based material coming from a pollutant. The process is patented and we are installed in south of France. Our product can be recycled or composted according to end of life options. The green algae collected on the beaches create rigid or flexible packaging.


Lancey Energy Storage developed the first intelligent radiator (Capella), a 3-in-1 product, a latest-generation intelligent electric radiator, with an embedded storage capacity and a cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS). The Capella has been developed and launched on the professional market: It integrates the notion of bidirectionality, allowing the electricity stored in the battery to be used to power other electrical appliances in the home or to feed electricity back into the network. In 2020, the product is industrialized, and the commercial strategy foresees sales to individual customers end of 2021 via a network of installers. Partnerships with energy suppliers and developers of self-consumption PV installations are in progress to integrate the solution into the offerings of these players for these audiences. The company won several prizes in France and worldwide with the CES innovation award in 2018 and the Solar Impulse efficient Solution award in February 2020.


Meersens is a positive impact company in environmental health mobilized to create a sustainable future, enabling to mitigate environmental risks and positively contribute to stakeholders' health and wellbeing - offering personalized environmental monitoring and prevention. Meersens offers 360° real-time, historic and predictive multi-pollutants insights and monitoring for any location with high accuracy allowing you to mitigate risks and make better decisions. It also enables you to interact and answer complaints to elevate trust - to compare feelings and perceptions vs environmental data to set potential correlations - and to engage your stakeholders into personalized prevention plans – in order to put health and wellbeing at the center of the decisions.


We provide digital tools to accelerate your path to efficiency. Our unique AI, supported by Machine Learning and ontologies, is fully context-aware and provides unrivaled insight into energy usage. METRON-EVA®, the "Energy Virtual Assistant", collaborates with experts on energy intelligence strategies. The platform seamlessly connects to all your data in real time. Energy knowledge bases and Data Science are used to digitalize your factory. We reduce energy consumptions by up to 15% using existing data to activate all the possible leverages of energy efficiency.


Phenix provides digital solutions to tackle food waste, at every step of the food value chain. With food retailers, our goal is to reach zero food waste in stores. We help supermarket employees manage food expiration dates, digitizing it. Moving from a manual & fallible method to a fast & reliable one. Once date management is perfectly handled, we help retailers and suppliers reach zero food waste in shops, by selling their surplus food on a B2C app or through donations. A turnkey solution which guarantees important environmental, social and financial impact for retailers and suppliers.


Reuniwatt has become one of the world leaders in cloud cover observation and forecasting. The head office is located in Reunion Island and there are two mainland offices in Paris and Toulouse. Its investment in R&D has enabled it to acquire a strong legitimacy in the evaluation and forecasting of renewable energies while mastering technologies such as meteorology, remote sensing, artificial intelligence and satellite data processing.




Tuesday, 27 April, 2.00-3.45 PM : Startup Pitches

optional: Wednesday, 27 April, 10.00 AM : individual matching sessions with chosen partners





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