Spotkania Europejskie w Polsce / Les Entretiens européens in Poland

<p style="text-align: justify;">A civil society initiative to take ownership of the nuclear power issue. October 22th and 23th in Warsaw, October 24th in Pomerania.</p>


In Europe, the choice of a low-carbon and diversified energy mix is becoming a key political challenge to support a competitive and sustainable development in solidarity. Poland, as well as numerous European countries, is questioning its energy transition and is considering the creation of a nuclear industry.

On the eve of important decisions for the country, but also for the Baltic region and for Europe, a dialogue needs to be opened with European actors in order to foster cooperation. In this framework, Les Entretiens Européens will gather stakeholders from the civil society, from the nuclear industry and from the Polish government, as well as representatives from around ten European countries, for a dialogue between them and with the European institutions.

The challenge of nuclear energy ownership will be at the heart of the debates. It is important to respond to the questions of the citizens and to share the feedbacks on societal and democratic issues, on education and training, on safety and waste management.

During Les Entretiens Européens, major issues for Poland and Europe, such as nuclear energy financing or economic competitiveness, will be discussed. The financing conditions of the Polish nuclear project will be decisive for its launch. Long-term financing issues are finally on the top of the political European agenda, and we will examine its application in the nuclear energy field.

Nuclear energy is a low-carbon industry at high added value. It is very important for the modernization of the Polish economy, its innovative potential, its competitiveness and the development of jobs in the territories. These questions concern all Europeans. Discussions during the conference, aims at helping us to measure the contribution of nuclear energy to growth and industry.

Les Entretiens Européens in Warsaw will be followed by a conference in Krokowa in Pomerania, with local stakeholders who are willing to hear expert testimonies and experiences from other European countries, in order to better understand the challenges that they are going to face in the region.



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