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ESG Committee | National Reconstruction Plan - state of implementation, directions for revision and opportunities for entrepreneurs to obtain funding

CCIFP HQ, Al. Jerozolimskie 93, 02-001, Warsaw, Pologne
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Join us for a meeting on the state of progress of the Polish National Reconstruction Plan (KPO).

We invite you to a meeting of the CCIFP's ESG Committee on the state of progress of the Polish National Reconstruction Plan (KPO) and possible actions on the part of the public administration and the private sector, increasing chances to make use of the nearly 270 billion PLN allocated to Poland.

Under the 2020 launched Reconstruction and Resilience Instrument to support the economies of Member States affected by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, in May 2021 Poland submitted to the EC National Recovery Plan. From the beginning, its implementation was delayed, due to prolonged negotiations preceding the EC's approval of the plan and the subsequent failure to meet critical milestones enshrined in the KPO.

CRIDO experts prepared an analysis of the state of implementation of the KPO, from which a not very optimistic picture emerged: it was estimated that about 50% of the funds under the grant part (70% of the planned investments) and almost all of the loan part of the plan are at risk. In absolute terms, this represents amounts of up to 200 billion PLN.

Michał Gwizda, Managing Partner in charge of the Grants and Incentives Team at CRIDO, will talk about the prospects for the National Reconstruction Plan, including the actions taken under the next revision of the plan, as well as the upcoming opportunities for entrepreneurs to obtain funding.

Framework for the meeting:

2pm - 2.05 pm : Welcome to the participants.

2.05 pm - 2.15 pm : Presentation of the current state of KPO implementation.

2.15 pm - 2.30 pm : Directions for revision of the plan and implications of this process.

2.30 pm - 2.50 : Presentation of the opportunities for entrepreneurs to obtain funding i.a. for activities in the field of the circular economy, hydrogen technologies, renewable energy sources, digital transformation or intermodal transport.

2.50 pm - 3.30 : Discussion - questions and answers.

The meeting will be held in English. 

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