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UN Global Compact Network Poland’s request for long-term support for Ukrainian women and men

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today as the eyes of the entire world focus on Ukraine, which has been attacked by Russia, we at UN Global Compact Network Poland, a UN initiative uniting the business community to advocate for sustainable development cannot be indifferent.

As António Gutteres, Secretary General of the UN has stated, in the face of wartime operations, it is absolutely crucial to protect and ensure the safety of the civilian population. UN Global Compact has joined the UN supply chain for humanitarian aid under the Connecting Business initiative (CBi) coordinted by UN OCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs).

UN Global Compact Network Poland has been tasked with mobilizing the private sector and coordinating collaboration between the business community and key non-government organizations and other stakeholders involved in delivering humanitarian aid. We are cooperating in this area directly with UN OCHA and UNHCR Copenhagen, as well as UNHCR Poland.

The private sector is one of the key links in the supply chain for humanitarian aid, especially in terms of crisis response and providing long-term support. We are very proud to observe acts of solidarity and support from companies operating in Poland, including member companies of UN Global Compact Network Poland. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for that!

At the same time, we are conscious of the challenges and needs involved with setting up a stable system to deliver long-term support to female and male refugees, spanning topics such as long-term lodging, access to the labor market, support in education for children and youth, psychological assistance and providing access to the health care system. The UN’s preliminary estimates suggest that the funds needed for this purpose during the first three months of wartime operations will amount to approximately USD 1.1 billion.

That is why we are now imploring the representatives of companies and corporations operating in Poland to respond to our request for long-term support for Ukrainian women and men.

According to UNHCR’s data, more than 800 thousand Ukrainian citizens had to evacuate their homes during the first week of wartime operations while nearly half a million of them have found shelter in Poland. If these wartime operations continue, more than a million people in need of help may arrive to Poland in the near future. The tremendous response and unity of the Polish society are sufficient to respond to ongoing needs; however, in the face of the threat of a humanitarian crisis, long-term support is needed.

Following consultations with the Polish UNHCR, the Polish Humanitarian Aid Action and the Polish Red Cross, we have decided to start a monetary collection to amass aid funds to provide the support Ukrainian refugees will need in upcoming months.

We urge all member companies of UN Global Compact Network Poland and all representatives of the business community to donate money using the special account number below:

Bank Millennium S.A.

Adress: Stanislawa Zaryna 2A, 02-593, Warsaw

IBAN: PL 57 1160 2202 0000 0005 1908 0243


Title of the wire transfer: The business community united for Ukraine!

We would also like to ask companies to submit their declarations of readiness to respond rapidly to meet the needs of the UN agencies and non-government organizations above as they emerge in terms of equipment and material assistance in line with the area of activity of a given firm.

At the same time, we would ask our colleagues from business organizations and associations for their support and to spread this request for assistance to your member companies.

The business community united for Ukraine! We can do more together!

Kamil Wyszkowski,

Country Representative and Executive Director

UN Global Compact Network Poland,

and Team

In case of any additional questions please contact: ungc(@)

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