[Translate to Français:] CCIFP Rebuilding Ukraine Working Group - meeting with KUKE S.A.

The CCIFP Rebuilding Ukraine Working Group met on 7 November to discuss how KUKE S.A. (Export Credit Insurance Corporation) is currently supporting the reconstruction of Ukraine. Our special guest was Łukasz Kowalski, Director of the Strategic Clients Office of KUKE S.A., who presented the new instruments available after the amendment of the law in September this year.

Poland is the first country in Europe whose export and foreign investment insurance regulations have taken into account the war in Ukraine, making it possible to comprehensively support the expansion of Polish business in the country and, at the same time, actively participate in its reconstruction and modernisation.

On 28 September, the Act on Insurance Guaranteed by the State Treasury, amended by the Parliament, came into force, which allows the Export Credit Insurance Corporation to once again provide protection for Polish companies' investments in Ukraine, despite the still ongoing war there. The legislator decided that, although the risk is very high, it is in the interest of the state to provide entrepreneurs with insurance for their investment outlays and to guarantee the repayment of 100 per cent of the value of investment loans in order to also convince banks to finance their clients interested in being active in our neighbour. Thus, KUKE S.A. is fully prepared to support Polish business on the Ukrainian market.

The KUKE's activity on the Ukrainian market is based on three pillars. 


  1. The first pillar is to support the current activities of Polish companies. 
  2. The second pillar is to insure investments of Polish companies in Ukraine against political risk (including warfare) and to guarantee Polish banks the repayment of financing granted for investments, e.g. in the formula of project finance or for financing acquisitions.
  3. The third pillar is directly related to the reconstruction and modernisation of Ukraine. Assistance from the Export Credit Insurance Corporation consists primarily in the fact that for individual projects such as the restoration of destroyed energy or road infrastructure, the construction of new public facilities, investments by companies from other countries, we find financing and guarantee financial institutions its repayment, in exchange for the inclusion of Polish companies in these projects.
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